Why Zahid Packages?

When it comes to finalizing your corrugated carton supplier there are a number of key things to consider; Trust, product knowledge, competitive price and best quality.

At Zahid packages we have been manufacturing corrugated products since 2007, during this time our knowledge and capabilities have grown dramatically and continue to do so. As manufacturers we have the buying power to purchase materials at competitive prices enabling us to offer our customers products and services at a competitive rate whilst maintaining high quality standards.

Zahid packages works with all kinds of industries; ranging from Textiles, Dairy, Snacks, Electronics and many more.

A number of our customers have been with us for over 12 years, and we strive to always offer the best customer service and guidance to strengthen all customer relationships.

Evaluation and innovation are key areas to help progress our customer’s requirements and with the help of our design team, and ever expanding knowledge, we are able to provide exceptional packaging design at the most economical rate and detailed advice on best-fit packaging materials and print finishes.

We continually strive to seek the best packaging solution for our customers to ensure packaging performance is met; costs are kept to a minimum and an end result that we are proud to have manufactured.